Overcoming the TSA in 2011-Are they for real or is it a joke?

It sounds like a bad joke, two TSA agents walk into an airport. No, seriously, the TSA has been getting major flack recently since they implemented the new full-body scans and aggressive pat-downs.

But, the question remains, are they for real or are they a joke? Well, John Q. Public, I’m here to tell you yes, to both.

If you read the Transportation Security Administration’s website you’ll find their mission statement talking about how they’re dedicated to protecting you, the traveler, with respect and dignity all in a professional manner.

Um, I beg to differ. Horror stories of aggressive TSA agents making cancer patients remove prosthetics, feelings of being sexually violated, and partially disrobing and pushy pat-downs of children have made their way to the national and international media.

I ask you, does this sound like a professional manner? Yes, the TSA is a joke.

I’m sure there are many hard-working folks at the TSA that won’t leave you feeling like you need a shower only a few minutes after arriving at the airport; but they don’t make their way over the cyberspace airwaves.

So, how do you manage to get through our nation’s security checkpoints without the need to either call 911 or tape the incident for YouTube?

The TSA’s website comes into play yet again. There’s a list of “suggestions” that say not to wear heavy jewelry, make sure you’ve emptied all your pockets, and don’t wear clothing with a “high metal content”.

Yes, because most of the traveling public is stuck in the Punk Rock era with clothes pinned with a bazillion safety pins and metal chains.

All right, just when I was thinking they were making sense–they lapse right back into joke mode.

Most people don’t want to fly anymore. I would say drive to your destination, yet there’s no bridge linking the U.S. with our European friends on the other side of the “Pond”, so that’s definitely not feasible.

I guess the only way you’re going to overcome the TSA is to “follow the rules” listed on its website and pray you don’t get one of their employees that likes being an internet sensation.

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