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Saul Sudin

Film Maker

 In 2006, he graduated from The Pratt Institute of Art in New York City with a BFA in Film and minor in Art History. When he isn’t traveling, he lives in Brooklyn with his wife and large collection of DVDs. He once said that his two favorite things in life are irony and repetition.

Jurotrip is a Jewish, historical and artistic perspective on a trip through the world. The first series of Jurotrip, released in the summer of 2009, followed filmmaker Saul Sudin as he spent three weeks traveling the northwestern Mediterranean.

Spain, Monaco, Italy, Greece, Croatia and France are all captured through his lens. The film combines information about the locations visited with photographs and video that paint the grand visual portrait of these places.

Eleven episodes were produced, running from two to eight minutes each. They are also currently being assembled as a 30-minute short for film festivals. Currently Saul is planning his next series with an eye toward North Africa.

Saul Sudin Videos

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