Tough Choices This Summer? Where Should I Go?

About this time of year, I always start getting deluged with requests for suggestions for the perfect summer tour. Summer is always a wonderful time for travel, and I have three top suggestions for you to consider this summer. I base these particular suggestions on a combination of the weather or what’s going on there during the summer months. So without further ado, here are my three suggestions for your dream vacation abroad.

Take a Tour of the Italian Countryside

What can be more relaxing than a summery, sunlit tour of the Italian countryside, as well as some of its most romantic cities? And speaking of which, let’s start with Venice. You may just want to wander around its charming streets and bridges, or take a gondola ride along one of its canals – by moonlight, of course. During the day, check out the historical buildings, including St. Mark’s Basilica as well as the first Jewish ghetto in the world, where Jews were literally locked in from dusk to dawn in centuries past.

Of course you must drive through the hills of Tuscany, a region just as romantic as recent books and movies have portrayed it as being. Summer there is a time of heavy-hanging fruit, blooming flowers, and green hillsides. Visit Florence, also, but stop first for a picnic along the banks of the Arno River.

Visit the Maccabi Games in Israel

For the first time in their history, the JCC Maccabi Games are being held in Israel this summer. They’ll combine sporting events, art classes and exhibits, and a tour of Israel locales. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so if you’ve never been to Israel, now’s the time to go and take the family. And even if you’ve been dozens of times, you’ve never seen it like this! For further information on the Games and related events, read my blog post: What’s the Hype with Maccabia This Summer?

Cool Down in Iceland and Greenland

When the mercury’s climbing stateside, imagine a tour of the ice-clad islands of Iceland and Greenland. After a grueling winter, the summer months are mild in both countries. You’ll feel like the hot summers of home are a million miles away. I’d focus my tour on southern Iceland and western Greenland. By concentrating on these areas, you’ll be able to see incredible natural views, such as glaciers, waterfalls, gorges, geysers, and nature preserves.

For a bit of civilization, you can tour everything from ancient rooms to modern cities such as Reykjavik and Ilulissat. The former is the world’s most northern capital, and the latter is only 120 miles from the Arctic Circle. To learn more about native Intuits, visit one of their settlements in Greenland.

The Best Choice for You

These suggestions are meant to offer you just a taste of what your ideal summer tour might be. Make sure your selection checklist includes the requirement for a locale with a comfortable summer climate (or lots of indoor activities!).  Check for special events and festivals in countries you’ve always meant to visit. If you can combine some sightseeing with a knockout event, such as an art exhibition, cultural festival, or sporting event, you’ll truly have a dream vacation package.

Have fun selecting your own perfect destination this summer – I hope my choices have piqued your interest.

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