Tips For Getting Through Airport Security

Getting through airport security can be a time consuming hassle. While all travelers should appreciate that such measures are needed in order to keep people safe, most would also welcome a way to get through the lines a bit faster. Below are some tips that can help make the airport security screening process a bit easier.

Provide a Clear View

When you cram items into your carry-on bags, it makes it more difficult for the screener to get a good look inside your bag as it passes through the x-ray machine. This may mean the screener will need to open the bag in order to get a good look.

To avoid this, pack your bag neatly, and do not stuff it to capacity.

Limit Liquids

Passengers are only allowed to carry liquid items, such as shampoo, up to three ounces in size in their carry-on bags. It is better to put all such items into your checked baggage, but if you must have some in your carry-on, you can speed up the screening process by placing them in clear plastic bags which will give screeners a good look at the items.

Bobby Pins and Other Metals

If you cause the metal detector to go off, you are going to be pulled to the side for extra screening measures. To avoid this, be mindful of how you dress and how you do your hair on the days that you will be traveling. Avoid bobby pins, metal clips, jewelry and underwire bras. All of those items will set off the metal detector and slow down your progress.

If you must wear jewelry, place it in the bin or in your carry-on bag prior to walking through the metal detector.

Remove Your Shoes

Since sometime in 2006, travelers have had to remove their shoes as part of the airport security screening process. There is no way to get around this requirement, so if you remove your shoes and place them on the belt before walking through the metal detector you will save some time.

Some people think that they can avoid this requirement by wearing flip flops or sandals, but the same requirement applies regardless of the type of shoe a passenger is wearing. All shoes must be run through the x-ray machine, so be prepared when it’s your turn.

Boarding Pass   

You will need to show the screener your boarding pass and an ID when passing through the screening area. Having these items in your hand and ready for inspection will make the process run a lot more smoothly.

While it may seem that all of the security measures are a bit much, travelers do not have to look back very far to be reminded about how important and how needed are such tight requirements.

While the process can be a bit of hassle, if you are prepared and have planned well for this step on your trip, you will be able to move quickly through the security lines.

Knowing that all passengers must undergo that same scrutiny should give you some peace of mind when flying. To many people, the added layer of safety is worth any hassle.

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