Time to Choose the Best Kosher Scottish Single Malt (and visit its Distillery)

Who would have thought the best kosher Scottish Single Malt would come not from Israel (sorry), but from a town of less than 4,000 people in the Scottish Highlands.

That’s right, I’m choosing Glenmorangie as the best. Glenmorangie isn’t kosher, is it? Yup, it sure is–certified by the Orthodox Union (OU). This certification allows a whole new single malt Scotch drinking base to bring back to its Scottish headquarters.

What makes Glenmorangie’s single malt whisky so special (other than its kosher certification) is its process. The best single malts are made using only high quality ingredients, then letting them “do their thing” in white oak casks.

As the Glenmorangie Distillery has been operating since 1843, they’ve had plenty of time to get the whole single malt Scotch thing right. In 2010 they were awarded the Distillery of the Year title. Sounds great, tastes even better–delicious!

SO many have told me that they’re such fans of the stuff that I can’t wait to visit its distillery, in Tain. Glenmorangie is made in the tallest still in all of Scotland, a fact for which they’re very proud. What’s the best part of the tour, you ask? That would be sampling more of the best kosher Scottish Single Malt. Tell me you didn’t see that coming?

In all fairness, I have to admit I love Tain, a charming Celtic village with a local museum and close to a medieval abbey.

Tain is also conveniently located near five castles Carbisdale Castle is a youth hostel, Skibo Castle (once owned by Andrew Carnegie) that’s now a luxury hotel, Dunrobin Castle, Balnagown Castle, and Ballone Castle.

It’s easy to imagine yourself drinking the very best Scottish Single Malt in the shadow of these magnificent edifices. Better yet, have a drink of KOSHER Glenmorangie single malt Scotch in a Scottish castle.   Now, that’s living.

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