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TAL Tours Launches Deluxe Kosher Tours

TAL Tours’ president Stuart Katz announced the launch of Deluxe Kosher Tours: 5 Star Travel Around the World. The discriminating kosher traveler will be able to take accompanied tours to places such as Myanmar, Ethiopia and Scandinavia.

The tours will offer three kosher meals a day, and an English-speaking guide will accompany tour participants from the moment they arrive at their destination until the moment they depart. At each destination a knowledgeable local guide will join the tour.

One of the tour guides will be Jacob Shoshan. Born in Jerusalem, he is a licensed tour guide in Israel as well as a teacher and lecturer for Tour Guide College’s Hebrew University (a joint program with The Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem), Tel Aviv University, and Everyman’s University, Tel Aviv. He is also a Senior Tour Director and Lecturer for the Geographical Society, Israel.

Shoshan has visited 98 countries and led tours in 65 countries on all six continents. He is fluent in 15 languages and presents in-depth discussions on Jewish history, philosophy and culture as part of his escorting responsibilities.

“The tours will offer meeting with the local Jewish community and understanding any previous Jewish communities whenever possible,” Katz said. “And there will be the opportunity to meet with the locals in order to understand the people as well as the sites.”

In addition to travel information, the company’s website at www.deluxekoshertours.com features exclusive videos from healthy kosher gourmet chef Shaya Klechevsky of www.atyourpalate.com on “Kosher Gourmet Cooking Tips.”

Stuart Katz can be followed on Twitter at @deluxekoshertours and Chef Shaya is on Twitter at @atyourpalate

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