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Picture of Linda Capeloto Sendowski

Linda Louisa Capeloto Sendowski is an American Sephardic Jew. Her grandparents came from the Greek island of Rhodes and the turquoise coast of Turkey.

She started cooking in her teens, barbequing on a tiny hibachi in the covered patio in her family’s yard, trying to pretend they had good weather in Seattle. Her favorite food growing up and still today is a cheese boreka, crispy dough encasing a cheesy filling of feta and Parmesan.

Although she grew up very poor and still loves to eat beans and rice, she now lives with her Ashkenazi husband in Beverly Hills, California, and is a gourmet Sephardic cook and baker, entertaining for her family and friends. Her Purim shelach manot baskets are incredible!

Linda is working on a Sephardic cookbook, and in conjunction with this project she provides recipes at her blog The Boreka Diary

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