Jeffrey Woolf talks about the trip he’s leading to the Baltics in August.



Stuart Katz talks about some of the Jewish sites in Israel.



Stuart Katz spoke about touring Israel with Deluxe Kosher Tour’s sister company TAL Tours.



Stuart Katz spoke with Mark Carp about his latest novel “The End of Hell.”



Stuart Katz gave an overview of the Deluxe Kosher Tours trips planned for 2010.



Jeffrey Woolf talked about Deluxe Kosher Tours planned trip to Japan.



Stuart Katz talked about the Deluxe Kosher Tours trips to Italy and the Baltics.



Stuart Katz talked about Deluxe Kosher Tours’ itineraries for 2010 and 2011.



Yael K. Miller and Phyllis Zimbler Miller of fill in for Stuart and discuss why it’s better to go on an organized kosher/shomer Shabbat tour when visiting Jewish sites around the world.



More exciting travel destinations.



Here’s another show with information on travel spots around the world.



While Stuart Katz travels to check out trip arrangements, Jeffrey Woolf fills in as host of “Travel With Stuart.” Listen to Jeffrey describe the Deluxe Kosher Tours planned visit to Italy.



Stuart talks about the planned Deluxe Kosher Tours open houses and the Deluxe Kosher Tours upcoming Ireland and Scotland tours.



Learn about the planned February 2010 trip to Ethiopia.



Stuart discusses with author Mark Carp, author of the novel “Abraham: The Last Jew,” destinations described in the book while kosher gourmet chef Shaya Klechevsky shares cooking tips.



Stuart talks about how makes it easy to observe kashrut while touring the world.



Learn about the planned February 2010 trip to Tunisia.



Listen to Stuart and Jeffrey talk about traveling to Myanmar (the former Burma).



Hear tour guide Jeffrey Woolf describe historical Jewish sites in Europe.



Listen to Stuart Katz on his BlogTalkRadio show TRAVEL WITH STUART describe some of the amazing places that Deluxe Kosher Tours will take you to visit.

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