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Kosher Wine Society’s Aron Ritter Champions Kosher Wines

Aron Ritter

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Chef Shaya interviewed Aron Ritter, the founder of, for Shaya’s blog at

Here’s an excerpt from Shaya’s interview of Aron when Shaya asks how Aron got interested in wine and how he founded the Kosher Wine Society:

“When I went to Israel around 10 years ago for my year there is when the drinking of some amazing wines started. For years I was a social drinker/collector of wines and loved to drink a great bottle.

“Once I found a bottle of 96 Baron Herzog and I was in such wine heaven that I couldn’t believe what was possible in a wine aged to perfection and the quality was amazing. That’s what totally got me hooked.

“I majored in accounting and was working in an accounting firm that I could get my CPA. I hated what I was doing. My girlfriend Shira, seeing me so depressed and miserable, wanted me to find a hobby that I could do. I had maybe three things on the list and wine was on the top.

“I started doing some research about kosher wine tasting events and what I found was that there were maybe three-four right before Passover but that was it. I looked at some names and I found and I was like ‘that’s it!’

“The original plan was a meet-up group with people coming bringing a bottle of wine. But I realized that would be really difficult to pull off in the kosher world. I decided to create a wine society where we bring people together for wine tasting events all throughout the year. This was in October 2005 when I originally found the name and my first event was in December 2005.

“My first event we did all California wines from Baron Herzog. We had about 20-25 people, mostly family and friends. By the time my second event came around on January 17th we featured Recanati wines with 75 people. Mainly people that love wines; the friends really didn’t show up.

“I should say by January 19th [2006] I started working for a wine distributor and within three months of starting this I was fully in the wine business.”

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