Kosher Delicacies in Buenos Aires

It was time to visit Buenos Aires and see for myself if I could find food that suited my palate. So I made a list of restaurants I had to visit and headed for the capital. Kosher food is certified when it gets out of Israel. I chose restaurants that served only kosher food just to be on the safe side. Jews in Beunos Aires have existed since 1862 when a great number migrated to live a peaceful life. Kosher food is therefore easily available at several areas in the city.

McDonald’s Kosher
McDonalds is an international chain, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the display board mentioning Kosher. It lifted my spirits, and I was not distracted by the Abasto Mall. I headed straight for the restaurant and got to eat burgers and fries. The menu did not have dairy or pork products. There is a slight difference in taste which probably non Jews would notice. Great effort has been made to maintain the international flavor at the only Kosher McDonald outside of Israel.

Sucath David
The restaurant serves international Jewish food, so orthodox Jews may have to specify the food they want. I did try the humus-Basegam and staffed grape leaves with Turkish rice. I contemplated having the Beren-Kibe, but that was for another time. It is open from Monday to Thursday between 8 pm and 11 pm. On Sunday and Friday, it’s open only between 12 pm and 4 pm. Saturday from 8 pm to 2 am.

El Pasaje Resto & Bar
I had a good rest in my hotel room and was game to try out the restaurant. It claimed to have the best kosher food in Argentina. After trying out the tender grilled meat and pizza, I had to agree the food was really good. There are different areas for Bazar or Jalab. To complete my shopping at the Abasto Mall, which I missed out in the afternoon, I bid farewell to an acquaintance I made, promising to return to the restaurant.

Shefa Kosher
If you like pastas or pizzas, you must try out this restaurant. I had just enough room for pasta and had to agree that their onion & potatoes varenikes was delicious. That was it, as I decided to call it a day.

Al Galope
It is an orthodox kosher restaurant and is visited by Jewish families residing in and around Buenos Aires. It was a new day, and I decided to have a juicy steak and combine it with pitas. I did notice Orthodox Jews feast on the steak and wash it down with some kosher Argentine wine, which made me make my choice as well from the restaurant’s extensive list.

Mama Jacinta
Basically serving Argentine cuisine with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean accents since 1999, the owner cooks the food serving quality chicken and fish items. The kibbe or dumpling with a meat filling was recommended, so I did not hesitate ordering a plate for myself. I could see several large families having get-togethers, which told me I would never have problems finding kosher food in Buenos Aires ever again.

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