Kosher Cooking in Italy

When you think of Italy, I’ll bet one of the first things you think of is the absolutely world-famous delectable cuisine, right? Cooking and wine tasting are certainly fine arts in Italy. If you plan to visit this scenic and romantic country, it is a great opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the world of kosher Italian cuisine.

There are a number of institutions that offer kosher cooking classes. I am certain that you will enjoy the adventure of learning the respected art of Italian kosher cooking. Genuine Italian dishes are as much a joy to prepare as they are to eat.

<strong>1. Magici Sapori Tuscan and Italian Cookery School of Firenze. </strong>

<strong></strong>The cooking school Magici Sapori in Florence organizes cooking and wine tasting classes for both amateurs and professionals. These cooking classes offer visitors a chance to be a part of Italian traditions and take a piece of Tuscany home with typical recipes of this region that everyone loves. Tuscan cuisine is varied, pure, fresh, and bursting with flavor.

<strong>2. Apicius-The Art of Cooking.</strong>

Apicius-The Art of Cooking is located in the center of Florence, just a few steps away from San Lorenzo Food Market. The school offers a wide variety of courses from one-year professional programs, to one-day special group and individual courses. The kosher course is one of more than 25 special courses and features that are offered. For more information, you can visit the website <a href=””></a>

<strong>3. La Cucina Kasher in Italia-Toscana. </strong>

<strong></strong>La Cucina Kasher in Toscana prides itself in providing a comfortable, informal environment and treating you as a guest rather than a tourist. The cooking class is a five-day course that specializes in Tuscan and regional cooking with emphasis on preparation, presentation, and the historical aspects of Italian cooking. Kosher supervision is provided by the mashgiach on the cooking school premises.

Following each class, you will partake of the meal that has been prepared accompanied by the appropriate wines. A sample menu consists of panzanella (bread salad,) pasta, veal with stock sauce, stewed peppers, and chestnut cake. Yum!

<a href=””>Read about one visitor’s great experience at La Cucina Kasher and see a sample recipe.</a>

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