Keeping Kosher While Traveling

For those who choose to keep kosher, doing so at home does not present nearly the challenge of trying to keep a kosher diet while traveling. Still, there is no reason that you cannot keep Kosher while on vacation. Yes, it will require a little extra planning, but it can be done. Below are some tips to make it a little easier.
Order Ahead
If traveling by plane on a flight on which food will be served, be sure to tell the reservationist about your dietary requirements at the time you book the flight. As soon as you see your tickets, be sure to check that the special request has been printed on them.
Kosher and other specialty meals are almost always prepared only upon request. If not ordered ahead of time, it is highly unlikely you will be able to order such a meal while in flight.
Specialty Travel Services
One way to avoid the hassle of finding kosher meals on each leg of your journey is to book your vacation through a travel service that specializes in handling Jewish travelers. Such travel services will usually include arranging for kosher meals throughout your trip.
In the Foil
If you are eating a hot meal at a restaurant, ask the server to have your food cooked in aluminum foil and that it be served to you in the same foil in which it was cooked.
Check the Seal
While ordering a baked potato (to be served in foil as suggested above) seems like a great way to eat Kosher, be sure that you check the butter for hechser. When in doubt about any food, ask to check the label.
Fridge in the Room
When staying at a hotel, some find it is far easier to keep a stash of acceptable foods rather than trying to eat out for every meal. When booking your hotel reservation, be sure to ask for a room with a refrigerator. That way it will be easier to keep a stash of foods to hold you over during the times when finding a kosher meal is proving to be difficult.
Emergency Stash
Obviously, you do not want to eat a lot of junk food. However, when you are away, stocking up on snacks at the airport or at a local convenience store may be your only option. Some are surprised to find how many of the snacks in stores are Kosher.
Kosher Restaurant Websites
Another great tool for Jewish travelers are websites that list kosher restaurants in various locations. You can type in where you will be staying and a list of kosher restaurants will pop up. What could make keeping Kosher easier than finding a list of Kosher restaurants?
Some travelers pack cans of meat because finding kosher meat in a strange place can prove challenging. Others just determine to eliminate meat from their diet during the time that they are away.
Keeping kosher while traveling is not that difficult. With a little thought and planning you will be able to enjoy eating out during your vacation while still keeping kosher.

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