Jacob Morgan’s Travel Articles Now on Deluxe Kosher Tours

Social business consultant Jacob Morgan writes the travel blog Social Media Globetrotter describing his worldwide travels. Morgan’s articles are now being syndicated on the website www.deluxekoshertours.com.

Stuart Katz, founder of Deluxe Kosher Tours, said, “Deluxe Kosher Tours was launched to enable Jews who want three kosher meals a day while traveling to be able to visit exotic locales. Jacob Morgan’s tales of his far-flung travel are inspiring for people who can now expand their travel from trips to Israel and other familiar places.”

The first articles by Morgan on the Deluxe Kosher Tours website concern his recent trip to China. Although for part of his trip he visited a friend who did speak Chinese, for other parts of his trip Morgan and his travel buddy were left to their own devices to make themselves understood.

This language barrier will not be a problem for travelers with Deluxe Kosher Tours, Katz said, as Deluxe Kosher Tours will have local guides who speak English for each portion of the trip.

“I enjoy sharing my travels with other people,” Morgan said. “And as a social business consultant I appreciate using social media as a means to do this.”

Visit www.deluxekoshertours.com now to see the schedule of the exotic tour locales. And while on the site read Morgan’s informative articles, including his travel advice article in which he recommends travelers do their own research before potential trips.

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