Have a week in Finland – what should I see?

Have a week to spend in Finland and trying to decide on the best to spend your time? Seeing everything that Finland has to offer in one week can be a difficult task but with proper planning, it can be done. The majestic beauty of Finland makes it one of the most beautiful countries in all of Europe.
For most people, spending a week anywhere away from work and home would be wonderful, but spending a week in Finland is almost heavenly. From the night sky and the beauty of the famous Northern Lights to an assortment of historic castles and museums, Finland is filled with an abundance of cultural building and other related activities. For the most part, many of theses buildings and activities can be visited within a week.

Start out your visit to Finland with a visit to the capital city of Finland, Helsinki. The architecture in this city is evident in the array of beautifully designed buildings and the scenic view is totally breathtaking. Helsinki is home to the famous Helsinki Cathedral, as well as an abundance of museums and galleries.

This city is known for its historic architecture, but is also very family friendly making it the perfect destination for people who come here with families. Therefore, if you are traveling with children or are young at heart, then plan to spend a few days taking part in activities at the city zoo, museums and finishing out your stay with a visit to the heated indoor water park.

Finland’s countryside is the perfect place to take in the awesomeness of Finland and to enjoy Finland’s natural beauty. From the elegant castles to nostalgic lighthouses, the combination of the beauty of the sea mixed with the backdrop of the countryside demonstrates the true elegance and beauty of Finland.

While traveling through the countryside, one can experience mountains and forests, along with other items of natural beauty. More often than not, walking tours and other types of tours are available for guests to experience the exquisiteness that the countryside has to offer.

Lapland, which is in the Northern region, is home to the famous Snow Castle. It is a hotel that is created from ice and also has a restaurant with delicious food that will definitely get your attention.

From Santa Claus’s village and all its glamour to visiting the Ice Park at the Railway Station, the variety of activities and historical relevance are unmeasured. For the most part, anywhere you travel in Finland will be treasured and will be a place of beauty. Whether you are walking, snowboarding, skiing, bicycling, fishing or swimming, your week will pass by very quickly as you take in the natural wonders of this grand country.

More often than not, the beauty of these natural wonders will only add to the lustrous elegance of Finland and all that it has to offer. Therefore, as a result of your planning, your trip to historical Finland would be very interesting and ultimately very successful.

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