Deluxe Kosher Tours Announces Fundraising Opportunity for Jewish Organizations

As part of the launch of, the company is offering a major fundraising opportunity for Jewish organizations.  Participating Jewish organizations will host a meeting for their members at which Deluxe Kosher Tours will present information on its tours featuring three kosher meals a day to exotic locales. In exchange, these organizations will be eligible for substantial fundraising compensation.  The fundraising program runs from now through March and participating organizations will:

  1. Promote the meeting the organization is hosting
  2. Host the meeting
  3. Follow up with those who attended
  4. Continue to promote the tours so that the organization can reach a higher level of compensation

In addition to earning funds, the participating organizations have the opportunity through the meetings and the tours to provide their members with enriching Jewish experiences as each tour explores the Jewish communities past and present of the countries visited.  Contact Stuart Katz now to learn more about participating in this enriching fundraising opportunity.

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