Cortado Coffee (Caffè Cortado)

Soft drinks and fruit juices are popular. As elsewhere, ask for [b jugo puro, or jugo exprimido, for fresh squeezed. Licuados, milky fruit shakes, are popular. Do try maté tea at least once. Other tea is served black with lemon. Ask for té con leche if you want milk in your tea. Hot chocolate is served at breakfast. Coffee is usually an espresso.

The cortado (cortado is Spanish for shortened or shorn) is an espresso with little milk, i.e. somewhat more than the amount in an espresso macchiato. The cortado is usually served along with whisked milk in 60-ml glasses. However, there are also innumerable local variations (e.g. involving other vessels such as small cups or other ingredients such as condensed milk).


  • 7.5 – 8.5 g of finely ground coffee beans (espresso roast)
  • 25 – 30 ml of hot water (90° – 95° C)
  • 30 ml of milk foam


  • Pour the espresso into the glass and top off with milk foam.

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