Benefits of Traveling With Deluxe Kosher Tours

When planning your next vacation, you will have plenty of travel agencies and tour companies from which to choose. Deluxe Kosher Tours, however, can provide you with a level of service and extra features that will be absent should you choose many other providers. Keep reading to learn about just a few of the many benefits of choosing Deluxe Kosher Tours for your next vacation.

Keeping Kosher

Many Jewish travelers find that it can be a challenge to keep kosher while on vacation. When you choose Deluxe Kosher Tours, however, you will never have to think twice about your meals. Arrangements are made for three delicious kosher meals per day – all of which are included in the price of your trip.

This means that you can keep kosher without having to make special requests at a restaurant (and then wonder if they were actually met). With the arrangements for your meals all made for you, all you will need to do is enjoy.

Inclusive Packages

While many tour packages do not include travel to the destination, all Deluxe Kosher Tours do. The price that you see includes all travel (travel from some airports is extra, but this is shown in the price), lodging and, as mentioned above, three kosher meals per day.

You will need to pay for excursions that you take during free time, but excursions that are part of the tour are included as well.

Fine Lodging

With some tour companies, you may need to be a bit concerned about what type of lodging will be included in the price. A visit to some travel review sites will produce horror stories about lodging that was far inferior to what was promised in the travel brochure.

Deluxe Kosher Tours takes care to provide fine lodging at all of our destinations.

Extra Thought for Jewish Travelers

Because Deluxe Kosher Tours caters to the Jewish traveler, they are able to customize trips and itineraries that will be of special interest to this group. Of course, major attractions will be included, but there will also be special care taken to include attractions that will have special meaning to the Jewish traveler.

Examples include former Jewish ghettos, Jewish museums and the inclusion of any other site that would be important to someone of the Jewish faith.

Deluxe Kosher Tours also makes arrangements, when appropriate, for travelers to be able to meet with local Jews who can share their stories and better explain the important sites within each country. Depending on where you travel, you may meet with Holocaust survivors and other Jews who have witnessed history firsthand.

Additionally, arrangements are made for Shabbat dinner and to honor other holy days that take place during your trip. When you travel with Deluxe Kosher Tours, there is no need to compromise on any such issue as they have taken care to make appropriate arrangements.

Sure, there are other tour companies, but none that cater to the special needs and interests of the Jewish traveler like Deluxe Kosher Tours. Try them for your next vacation, and you are sure to agree.

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