Udon are thick Japanese noodles. There are several ways to prepare Udon. This recipe shows three of them:

Kitsune Udon: Fox Udon
Tanuki Udon: Japanese racoon Udon
Tsukimi Udon: “Viewing moon” Udon (the yolk of an egg represents the moon)


  • Udon*
  • Noodle soup*: e.g. Ninben Tsuyu no moto
  • Kitsune Udon:
  • Naruto*: Fish sausage with a pink pattern when cut or other Kosher fish
  • Atsuage*: baked tofu. You can use the triangular atsuage bags that are used for Inari Sushi; but put them first in boiling water for a moment to reduce their strong taste a little bit.
  • Leek or green onion
  • Tanuki Udon:
  • Naruto*
  • Tenkatsu: crispy pieces that are left when deep frying tenpura. If not available, you can cut some leek, mix it with tenpura batter and deep fry it.
  • Leek or green onion
  • Tsukimi Udon:
  • One egg per person
  • Naruto*
  • Leek or green onion

* This ingredient may not be available in Western supermarkets, but you should be able to find it in Japanese grocery stores that exist in most large European and American cities.


  • Noodles
  • Boil Udon and boil some water in another pan (about 400ml per person, depends on the size of the bowl in which you will serve the noudles).
  • Cut naruto (about 7mm thin) and leek/green onion.
  • Put Udon into sieve and rinse it with hot water.
  • Add noudle sauce into prepared hot water. Consult the bottle label about the proportion.With “Ninben Tsuyu no moto” sauce the proportion sauce-water is 1:8.
  • Put the hot Sauce into a bowl and add Udon into it. (Use one bowl per person)
  • Kitsune Udon
    Decorate Udon with atsuage, cut leek and naruto.
  • Tanuki Udon
    Put the deep fried pieces (Rests of Tenpura deep frying), naruto and cut leek onto the noudles.
  • Tsukimi Udon
    Put the york, cut leek and naruto onto the noudles.
  • Serving and eating:
  • Noodle eating directions: Keep the distance between your mouth and the bowl quite small, and lead the noodles with the chopsticks step by step into your mouth producing sipping noises.
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