The Beaches of Tuscany

When people think of Tuscany, they usually think of its rolling hills, lush vineyards, and green countryside. These are all wonderful aspects of one of Italy’s most popular tourist areas – but there’s a hidden Tuscany that the typical traveler doesn’t hear much about. Native Italians flock to this area, as well as in-the-know tourists. It’s an area that is relatively uncrowded, accessible, and quite beautiful.

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Torta di Mandorla con Lamponi – Almond and Raspberry Tart

This delicious tart goes through an “ugly duckling” stage as it’s being made, but don’t worry, everything turns out all right when it’s put together. It is relatively easy to make and provides great satisfaction when it comes out of the oven smelling absolutely delicious.

The recipe comes from Tuscany where the raspberries grow wild. The subtle flavor of the base and the bittersweet raspberries are an excellent team. Read More “Torta di Mandorla con Lamponi – Almond and Raspberry Tart”