Planning For Winter Vacation In Israel

Many people think of Israel as being hot and all year round. But this is far from the truth. While it’s true that Israel weather is famously steamy in July and August, it is definitely not this way all the time. Israel’s weather also differs from that which you will encounter in North America and Western Europe. Here, you will basically experience two different seasons: winter from late October to mid-March, and summer from April to October.

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Why I’m Going Back To Vietnam

Many people who visit the country of Vietnam feel powerfully drawn to return again at another time. Why? Well, I haven’t quite been able to put my thumb on it. It may be because of the adorable children of the nation, who run through the streets, grinning and flashing peace signs for the tourists’ cameras. It may be because of the overall gentle and gracious demeanor of the people of Vietnam. Or, it could very well be due to the vividly colorful landscape, dramatic coastline, or compelling history. Even though I am not sure which reason is most persuasive, I find that I myself have certainly not escaped the grasp of Vietnam’s charm.

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Where In The World Is Pushkar?

Never heard of the city of Pushkar? I’ll give you three hints as to where it is located:

(1) The official languages are Hindi and English.

(2) The city is surrounded by hills on three sides, and sand dunes on the fourth.

(3) You’ll find many different temples here, the most famous being the Brahma Temple.

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Where In The World Is Djerba?

Djerba (pronounced jer-buh) is one of those places in the world that somehow has remained a very well kept secret. Sometimes when I talk about it, I receive just a raised eyebrow and a puzzled look. If you are one who doesn’t know much about Djerba, then read on, because Djerba is a secret that is definitely worth being in on.

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What You May Not Know About Panama

The year 2010 is quickly coming to a close, which means that the Deluxe Kosher Tours journey to Panama this January is just as rapidly approaching. If you have read my past blogs about Panama (Panama is Much More Than the Canal, Highlights of My Trip to Panama City, and Planning For Winter Break) then you already know that Panama is the place of my birth, and a country that I think is just magnificent.

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What Should I Buy In Vietnam?

Shopping in Vietnam is a feast for the eyes, and won’t cause a famine in your wallet. This is undoubtedly the reason that shopping is such a popular activity here. As in most Asian countries, Vietnam beholds a wide array of cool items to shop for, and the prices are generally very low. Here you can have fun shopping for gifts for yourself, your family members, and your best friends, too.

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