Jacob Morgan’s Travel Articles Now on Deluxe Kosher Tours

Social business consultant Jacob Morgan writes the travel blog Social Media Globetrotter describing his worldwide travels. Morgan’s articles are now being syndicated on the website www.deluxekoshertours.com.

Stuart Katz, founder of Deluxe Kosher Tours, said, “Deluxe Kosher Tours was launched to enable Jews who want three kosher meals a day while traveling to be able to visit exotic locales. Jacob Morgan’s tales of his far-flung travel are inspiring for people who can now expand their travel from trips to Israel and other familiar places.”

The first articles by Morgan on the Deluxe Kosher Tours website concern his recent trip to China. Although for part of his trip he visited a friend who did speak Chinese, for other parts of his trip Morgan and his travel buddy were left to their own devices to make themselves understood.

This language barrier will not be a problem for travelers with Deluxe Kosher Tours, Katz said, as Deluxe Kosher Tours will have local guides who speak English for each portion of the trip.

“I enjoy sharing my travels with other people,” Morgan said. “And as a social business consultant I appreciate using social media as a means to do this.”

Visit www.deluxekoshertours.com now to see the schedule of the exotic tour locales. And while on the site read Morgan’s informative articles, including his travel advice article in which he recommends travelers do their own research before potential trips.

TAL Tours Launches Deluxe Kosher Tours

TAL Tours’ president Stuart Katz announced the launch of Deluxe Kosher Tours: 5 Star Travel Around the World. The discriminating kosher traveler will be able to take accompanied tours to places such as Myanmar, Ethiopia and Scandinavia.

The tours will offer three kosher meals a day, and an English-speaking guide will accompany tour participants from the moment they arrive at their destination until the moment they depart. At each destination a knowledgeable local guide will join the tour.

One of the tour guides will be Jacob Shoshan. Born in Jerusalem, he is a licensed tour guide in Israel as well as a teacher and lecturer for Tour Guide College’s Hebrew University (a joint program with The Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem), Tel Aviv University, and Everyman’s University, Tel Aviv. He is also a Senior Tour Director and Lecturer for the Geographical Society, Israel.

Shoshan has visited 98 countries and led tours in 65 countries on all six continents. He is fluent in 15 languages and presents in-depth discussions on Jewish history, philosophy and culture as part of his escorting responsibilities.

“The tours will offer meeting with the local Jewish community and understanding any previous Jewish communities whenever possible,” Katz said. “And there will be the opportunity to meet with the locals in order to understand the people as well as the sites.”

In addition to travel information, the company’s website at www.deluxekoshertours.com features exclusive videos from healthy kosher gourmet chef Shaya Klechevsky of www.atyourpalate.com on “Kosher Gourmet Cooking Tips.”

Stuart Katz can be followed on Twitter at @deluxekoshertours and Chef Shaya is on Twitter at @atyourpalate

Launch of BlogTalkRadio show: “Travel With Stuart”

Veteran traveler Stuart Katz has launched the weekly BlogTalkRadio show, “Travel With Stuart” in connection with the introduction of his company’s www.deluxkoshertours.com. The online show covers foreign locales that Deluxe Kosher Tours will visit as well as providing information on the Jewish communities – past or present – in those locales.

The 30-minute show is broadcast live each Sunday at 3 p.m. Eastern time at www.blogtalkradio.com/travelwithstuart – and each show’s replay will also be available at this web location.

Frequent on-air guests with Katz include Jewish historian Jeffrey Woolf, calling in from Israel and who blogs at www.deluxekoshertours.com, and healthy kosher gourmet chef Shaya Klechevsky of www.atyourpalate.com

In addition, Deluxe Kosher Tours has added contributors to the company’s website, including Aron Ritter of www.kosherwinesociety.com, Linda Sendowski of http://theborekadiary.wordpress.com/, and travel videos from Jewish filmmaker Saul Sulin.

Deluxe Kosher Tours Announces Fundraising Opportunity for Jewish Organizations

As part of the launch of www.deluxekoshertours.com, the company is offering a major fundraising opportunity for Jewish organizations.  Participating Jewish organizations will host a meeting for their members at which Deluxe Kosher Tours will present information on its tours featuring three kosher meals a day to exotic locales. In exchange, these organizations will be eligible for substantial fundraising compensation.  The fundraising program runs from now through March and participating organizations will:

  1. Promote the meeting the organization is hosting
  2. Host the meeting
  3. Follow up with those who attended
  4. Continue to promote the tours so that the organization can reach a higher level of compensation

In addition to earning funds, the participating organizations have the opportunity through the meetings and the tours to provide their members with enriching Jewish experiences as each tour explores the Jewish communities past and present of the countries visited.  Contact Stuart Katz now to learn more about participating in this enriching fundraising opportunity.